Uttarakhand’s Best Trekking Destination

by - January 04, 2021

The heart of beautiful hiking destinations in Uttarakhand. This location is the USP of the magnificent Himalayan mountains. You'll see multiple peaks showing the same degree of brightness. Uttarakhand is beautiful...the scenery is picturesque, wild wetlands, the mountain view, rivers, waterfall, and wild animals are all fascinating. The beauty is unparalleled. You must pick Uttarakhand's terrain for a fascinating experience if you are trekking lovers. Here is a list of the top 7 trekking destinations in India's Uttarakhand region.

1. Flowers Trek Valley

Flowers valley is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Uttarakhand. This vibrant park is renowned for its stunning wetlands full of colorful flowers of exceptional variety. Trekking around this place is a treat for your eyes as you can see colors that seem like a place out of a fairy tale. There are many endangered species in the Valley of Flowers such as the Asian Black Bear, Snow Leopard, Musk Deer, Brown Bear, Red Fox, and the Blue Sheep. Exploring this land is a must because rare races of birds and butterflies are also accessible here. This site has become a world heritage site and a favorite for tourists when the season arrives. This is a simple hike that takes place in July and August when the flowers are flourishing.

2. Trek of Deoriatal-Chandrashila

The Deoriatal-Chandrashila Trek is another successful hiking choice in Uttarakhand. It's a fast and easy trek which you can enjoy on a weekend trip. You'll visit Chopta, the lake of Deoria and the peak of Chandrashila during this trip. Walkthrough the woods of oak trees and approach the raw nature type. This trek also helps you to experience the religious side on the way because, at Chandrashila, there is a famous Tungnath Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. After spending time in the holy shrine, you can feel more inspired and energized for your journey. You have to continue this walk when the monsoon ends as snow reveals an ethereal beauty in the mountains.

3. Lake of Brahman

That is another of Uttarakhand's most famous and breathtaking treks. Lake Brahmatal is an all-season walk alongside Bekaltal Lake and a beautiful view of Trishul, Nandaghunti, Neelkanth, Mount Kamet, and Chaukhamba. You should fully immerse yourself in the beautiful views you have every step of the trek. This hike has amazing views. The lake in the center of the path is something you would remember for your life because its beauty complements the surroundings. The mythological relation of this lake is another important element that attracts trekkers. "The Lake Of Lord Brahma" means "Brahmatal." It is said that at this location Lord Brahma meditated, so Brahmatal is the lake. The landscape shifts according to different seasons is another attractive aspect of this trek.

4. Hiking Kedarkantha

Kedarkantha is one of Uttarakhand's best winter hiking destinations. Till the end of April, you will see snow here. The snow lies at the base of pine trees with a fascinating panorama. For adventure lovers, Kedarkantha treks are a favorite choice. It is a really simple walk alongside the lush green, glowy waterfalls with a fascinating view of the snow-capped Himalayas. Also known for its lovely campsite is Kedarkantha Trek. The campsites are very attractive and are surrounded by thick pine forests with views over majestic mountains. This trek's magic comes further thanks to the open highlands, vast wetlands, steep hills, and daunting mountains. The charm of this picturesque walk is the small villages you pass as you go up towards the top. The local Garhwali culture is experienced here by very friendly people.

5. Har Ki Dun trek

Located in the Himalayan lap, Har Ki Dun Trek takes you along a path packed with stunning views and enchanting surroundings. A stunning waterfall, lush wetlands, thick woods, and mountaintops fill the place properly known as God's Valley. Also visible from the trail is the captivating Bandarpunch range. There is also a legendary significance on the Har Ki Dun Trek, saying that Pandavas once took the route to heaven. The fascinating trek includes a wide range of species, such as Langoors, golden eagles, the colorful Himalayan monal (Uttarakhand bird), etc. You will be overcome by the rich natural beauty that calms your senses immediately and makes you want to come here anytime you schedule a journey.

6. Trek to Bali Move

You must go for the Bali Pass Trek if you want to experience something challenging and more adventurous. Not only does this trek provide an interesting trail, but it also provides such an amazing view that the area is breathtaking. Before you decide to go on this trek you must be physical and emotional. It is, therefore, necessary for you to plan for your journey months before you start. Bali Pass is a mountain pass linking the Har Ki Doon valley with the Valley of Yamunotri. You'll enjoy a panoramic view of Swargarohini & Banderpooch, the Garhwal ranges, and Yamunotri Valley. The destination is abundant in rivers, streams, cascades, wetlands, and greenery apart from its mountain ranges.

7. Col Trek of Auden

The High Mountain Pass of Join is one of the toughest and least explored treks in Uttarakhand. The best way to do this trek is by summer or after the mountain. Two glaciers stand before one another in the mountain pass. In addition, through this tour are also linked the important pilgrimage sites of Gangotri and Kedarnath. It should be noted that Auden's Col is for experienced trekkers only because you will go through difficult ridges, glaciers, exhausting terrain, etc. which require extraordinary strength, physical and psychological endurance. But, even with the difficulties and obstacles that you face on the trail, the Col Trek of Auden is an experience once in a lifetime – a journey with you until your final breath.

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