National Park Of Kudremukh: A Guided Tour Of The Wilderness!

by - January 04, 2021

Ask someone about South India and either Kerala or Tamil Nadu is the first thing they'd think about. Ask us and Kudremukh National Park will be the first in our minds. This place is a paradise for nature lovers as well as for wildlife lovers, situated 95 km far from Chikmagalur.

Kudremukh National Park Karnataka offers everything from fun activities to a happy stay in the lap of nature. There is, therefore, no question that your best escape ever will certainly be a trip to this place! So, what are you thinking? What are you thinking? Start your scroll, take a look at all the important details, and go southwards to experience the best of both worlds.

Kudremukh National Park Best time to visit

The Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary is surrounded by lush foliage and beautiful hills and has a temperate climate of 25°C to 19°C, which makes it an ideal location for a year-round visit. The best time to go, however, is between October and May, if you want to make the most of your vacation there as the park can be seen in all its glory. If the only reason for your journey is to spot wildlife and get ideal pictures, then it's between December and February that is a good time to schedule your travel.

Kudremukh National Park is the right thing to do

1. Enjoy the walk!

The Kudremukh National Park is a paradise for nature and for trekkers in particular. The roads past the rolling hills and are great for walking if you want everything is an adventure. However, if you want to walk in the park, you should take permission from the Range Officers.

2. See the lovely cascades

The Kadambi Waterfalls and the Hanumangundi Falls are the most visited and special attractions in the Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary. The water that bubbles through the rocks in the green hills and trees is without a doubt the best way to bring joy into your journey.

3. Enjoy spotting wildlife

The park is home to a number of animals, such as lions, leopards, wild dogs, giant Malabar squirrels, shared langur, and sloth bears. Besides that, there are also 200 bird species in the park, which you can quickly spot if you have a bird watching love and eyes.

4. Explore the lush green fields

The National Park has rich coffee and tea plantations, along its northern and eastern borders, as well as wildlife and waterfalls. Walking in their midst or just sitting and seeing its pure beauty is just a treat for your eyes and for your camera.

5. Bath in the natural swimming pools

Treks and walks would surely become a sweat game and there wouldn't be an any better way to relax for the evening than to take a dip in the park's natural pools. Just make sure that you sail in and take advantage of all the times inside without any mud.

Accommodation in Kudremukh National Park

There are no hotels in the national park of Kudremukh as such, but the park has forest restrooms, which give forest officers a fairly good stay. However, if there is a vacancy after making a submission to the respective deputy conservator of forests, you can also reserve it for you or your loved ones. In addition, the Kalasa, Karkala, and Sringeri have options for accommodation.

How to get to the National Park of Kudremuch

By Air: Mangalore airport, which is about 130 km from the park, is the closest airport to the national park. You can take a taxi and enter the park in no time after touching paradise.

By Rail: You can get off at Central Mangalore, about 100 kilometers from the Park if you want to go to Kudremukh by train and go by taxi.

By Road: The National Park also has strong road links with most major cities. Don't think more and head off if a road trip intrigues you further. You can take a private bus or drive your own car to get to it.

National Park Tips to Visit Kudremukh

# Before planning your stay, check the weather in Kudremukh so you know what your experience is.

# Before entering the park, ask for a walking license from the Kudremukh City Reserve Forest Office. If you like, you can also rent a guide.

# On the grounds of the National Park camping is strictly forbidden. Make sure that you reserve your stay in the woods or hotel in the immediate vicinity.

# Make sure that you wear robust shoes and carry with you your camera.

# If you visit the park as part of your itinerary or a day trip, keep at least 3-4 free to explore it correctly.

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